Goodbye Germany

Friday, August 25th 2023

As you might have expected, the last few weeks before my departure were very exhausting. There was a lot to do and to organize. But somehow everything worked out and on Tuesday it was finally time: The flight was just around the corner. All things from the apartment were either packed, stowed away or unloaded at my parents’ place. All things that were supposed to come with me were squeezed into the suitcases and we were able to leave for the airport. The car was filled to capacity, who would have expected anything else?

Dropping-off the suitcases, exiting Germany as well as the security check went by without a long wait and faster than imagined I was sitting on the plane to London. We took off on time and the connection in London was also without any complications. After our problems in June, I could hardly believe it! The plane touched down in Boston with a delay of only 30 minutes.

My fear of immigration was also unjustified and in the blink of an eye I had entered the United States with the correct visa status.

A little preview for the upcoming two weeks: From Monday (28.08.2023) to Thursday (31.08.2023) orientation week will take place. September 1st is move-in day and my first lectures will start on September 5th. So it never gets boring and there is always something to do.

Welcome to America 🇺🇸, see you in 4 months in Germany 🇩🇪

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