Christmas Break

and the beginning of the spring semester

Thursday, January 18th 2024

After completing my exams, I flew back to Germany on December 22, 2023. Fortunately, my flight went smoothly, and I could spend Christmas with my family. After all the stress of the exam period, we’ve been a few days in Italy to end the year in a relaxing way and spend New Year’s there as well. Unfortunately, the two and a half weeks passed too quickly, and on January 10, 2024, I started my journey back to Boston. Unlike in Germany, the spring semester begins in January without a long break between the semesters. However, the lecture-free period is much longer during the summer. This has the advantage that a more extended internship can take place during this time.

Fletcher stipulated that we would receive our final results by midnight on January 02, 2024. This is a lovely rule for the students as you quickly get feedback on your overall performance. I can proudly report that my hard work is reflected in my grades, and I can be more than satisfied with them. The remaining question is whether I can maintain this level over the following three semesters.

Like the fall semester, the spring semester starts with a shopping day. This was on January 12, 2024. January 15, 2024, is a university holiday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day), so the spring semester starts on Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

Here, you can see my lecture schedule for the spring semester of 2024.

This semester, I had more flexibility regarding my choice of courses. While Introduction to Data Science in Global Application is a compulsory course, I opted for Sustainable Business Dynamics rather than Corporate Social Responsibility. 

International Financial Management is a continuation of Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance, which I took in the fall. The same applies to Private Equity, which succeeds Global Investment Management. Both lectures are courses in my field of study, “International Finance and Banking for a Sustainable World“. If I complete both courses, which I hope to do so, I will have fulfilled the minimum requirements for this concentration.

In contrast to the fall, I don’t have any lectures only scheduled for half a semester. Furthermore, I have not heard of any assignments that need to be handed in before the beginning of classes.

Now, I’m eagerly awaiting Tuesday and the official start of the term. I look forward to the coming semester and all the new things I will learn. Nevertheless, the excitement and the question of whether it will be just as challenging as the previous one remains. My guess would be YES!

It was my pleasure to be back in Frankfurt

An alpaca hike helps to relax deeply

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